Poncho time!

    Have you bought your poncho yet? Well it’s the best time to do it since it’s the hottest tip for Autumn 2014! Of course, most of us can’t afford Buerberry Prorsum A/W 2014 colourblock poncho, but believe me any other will do with well-matched accessories. Just be creative. I love ponchos, I really … Continue reading Poncho time!

Spring Florals RTW 2014

This year spring will be full of florals in every form: prints, embroidered appliqués, mixed with other patterns – you choose. Just make it youthful, fun and full of colour! Here are some highlights from the Spring RTW 2014 collections… W tym roku wiosna pełna jest kwiatów w przeróżnej postaci – wyszywanych detali, misternych aplikacji … Continue reading Spring Florals RTW 2014

New Vogue

Finally I got my new Vogue! The time spent on waiting for every new issue is always dragging on endlessly, and when it finally comes it’s like a party time and I know what I will do during the weekend. Reading the Vogue is always ‘Me-time’ when you can find out new trends in the … Continue reading New Vogue

Must have 1: M for Martens


United Kingdom(Great Britain)

I always have problems with my shoes during the winter as it is hard to anticipate what weather will be like in next 2 days, next week. And it is especially annoying when it snows or rains and I don’t want my brand new knee-high boots to be worn out after just few hours.

So I decided this year to buy high quality boots that will survive all conditions – no matter how rainy or snowy it will be outside. First of all I thought that good wellies will do the trick. However, you will not wear them to your coat on the way to work – come on. Besides, I will not buy any boots with flowers on them etc. I wanted something versatile and of course with laces. There was nothing in stores. Just nothing. And then I saw Dr. Martens’ boots. They were just perfect, but I cannot say the same about the price. However, they are worth it. And I’ll tell you why.

I had Dr. Martens shoes once in the school. I wanted them because my brother had them and it meant you were cool. Anyway, they served me (no kidding) maybe 10 years. This is long. After that time I started to wear more girly and sophisticated stuff. But you don’t wear heels all the time and who cares anyway when sometimes you decide to choose something unconventional but more comfortable?

So I bought them despite the price and would do that again. They are great during rainy and snowy days, they bounce with every step, they are comfortable and easy to clean – because they are from natural rubber so they are 100% waterproof. Great great great! But there is only one problem. They do not sell them in half sizes so you have to choose between 4, 5, 6, etc. I bought size 5 and because my right foot is little bit bigger I should have bought size 6. As they recommend on their website: ‘Please note that these Wellington Boots tend to come up smaller than our standard 1460 Boot so we recommend that you purchase one size larger than your usual size.’

But I strongly recommend them especially now when we experience this changeable weather.


Before unpacking…


Ta daaaa….


Ready for walk…


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