Journey to Corfu: Day 2

We spend our second day in Corfu on hotel’s beach in Ermones. We have to rest after our journey and enjoy sun, heat and breeze all day long. There are mostly gravel beaches in Corfu so we have to buy special swimming shoes because there are a lot of stones at the buttom of the sea.


WP_002161 picmonkey

Getting ready for the beach


WP_002169 picmonkey

Ermones beach, Corfu


WP_002179 picmonkey

Ermones, Corfu


WP_002168 picmonkey

Ermones beach, Corfu



I have to admit that water is very salty here, more salty than in the Red Sea. So after bath our skin is dry and itches sometimes. The water here is not so clear as in Egypt but still you can see the stones that are at the buttom. I have to wach myself as the buttom is uneven and one or two meters further the sea level can reach up to 2 or 2,5 meters instead od 1,45 m. We are surrounded by green mountains that slope down to the sea. The create a great contrast with reach blue water and sky.

At the end we decide to sightsee our small bay and follow the path on the right mountain (above).

WP_002197 picmonkeyWP_002201 picmonkeyWP_002209 picmonkeyWP_002214 picmomnkey

As the stones become larger and larger and finally there is no way we can go on the other side of the bay we have to go back to our beach.

WP_002218 picmonkeyWP_002213 picmonkeyWP_002212 picmonkey



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