Ideal Home Show 2013

The Ideal Home Show began on Friday15th March, a compulsory event for all home and garden enthusiast. With whole array of decoration ideas and live presentations including cooking it gathered such brands as Smeg, Samsung, Brita and many others under one roof to present the new trends and innovations in the industry. Here are some highlights from Sunday.

WP_000675 WP_000734 WP_000744 WP_000766 WP_000768 (1) WP_000774 WP_000776

Ideal Home Show roomsets…

Park avenue entrance lobby…


Chateau-chic dining room…

WP_000797 (1)

Zen bathroom…


British Boho living room…

WP_000805 (1)

Cool moorish bedroom…


Kitchen & terrace…



WP_000854 WP_000860 WP_000880

Something to eat…WP_000888 WP_000889 WP_000890 WP_000904

Someting for body & soul….WP_000906 WP_000908 WP_000916

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