In search of inspiration

If you have some spare time or just don’t know what to do during the weekend you can always search for some inspirations for your wardrobe or interior. A cheap way for doing it are charity shops. Yes, charity shops.

I was always bored when I had to wait for my boyfriend as he hoarded lots of old stuff in this kind of stores, in which I could not see anything for myself. And he always found something ‘special’, ‘unique’ or just ‘nice’ that finally ended up cluttering our living space.

However, I came to the conclusion that it’s not so bad, as some people find sometimes their ‘real deals’ there (together with my other half, of course). But when it comes to me I treat such escapades mainly as inspiration. So when I really have to share my boyfriend’s enthusiasm by dropping in to next charity shop, I search for really interesting things or…books.

Charity shops offer a wide array of literature genres from history, through cook books to sci-fi and, what’s more important, for a really low price or even a token sum. So during our little outing to the local charity stores this weekend I found some oddities, the first one was the book by Ian Woodward about one of my favourite actresses – Audrey Hepburn :


I first saw Audrey in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s I guess (or maybe it was My Fair Lady) and just loved the style in which she played there and every movie in which she was involved. Modest, little bit shy, always acting with class she dreamt to become a ballerina. But, sometimes no matter how much you try, it’s better to trust your destiny. I have also found some motivation quotes there. Take this one, for example, from the page before the preface with Hepburn’s own words:

I tried always to do better: saw always  a little bit further. I tried to stretch myself.

So inspirational.

Because I am a chocaholic (however chocolate is permanently banned for me) my second book was about…yes… chocolate and what fabulous desserts you can make of this divine ingredient:


I will certainly use it…maybe for Valentine’s Day?

However charity shops have much more to offer than books. They are full of old this- and-thats that usually are not fit for use but you can always bring them back to life. Here is what I found this time:

WP_000135Skirt with studs – nice but it was to big

WP_000137sequin cushion that will add a glamurous look to every interior…

WP_000150Nice lamp with interesting base

and some colourful glass to give the living room this additional sparkle:

WP_000145 WP_000148

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